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Crazy Criminals ... Busted after Posting Ice Bucket Challenge, Shoplifting Under his Kilt, and Tattoo Leads to Arrest!

Posted August 26th, 2014 @ 5:30am

Cops Catch a Wanted Criminal After He Posts an Ice Bucket Challenge Video 

A 20-year-old guy in Nebraska wanted for a parole violation was arrested on Friday . . . after he posted a video on Facebook taking the Ice Bucket Challenge.  Someone recognized the house in the video and tipped off the police.


A Criminal Wrapped His Shirt Around His Head to Disguise Himself . . . But Forgot His Name Was Tattooed Across His Back  

On Sunday, two guys in Australia beat up a complete stranger after he refused to buy weed from them.  Then they ran off, and wrapped their shirts around their heads to disguise themselves.  But one of them forgot his NAME was tattooed across his back.  Police eventually found them at a nearby bar.


A Guy Is Busted Shoplifting Stuff by Shoving It in His Kilt

A 37-year-old guy in Oregon wore his KILT to an electronics store last week . . . and started shoplifting stuff by shoving it into a special pouch.  He got away, but when he came back the next day in the kilt to steal MORE stuff, he was arrested.


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