A Babysitter Is So Sick of the "Disrespectful" Kids She's Watching, She Sets Their House on Fire

A 57-year-old babysitter in Texas has been watching two girls and found them, quote, "very disrespectful."  So when the family was out earlier this month, she broke into the house and SET IT ON FIRE.  No one was hurt, but there was a lot of damage.  She's been arrested for arson.

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A Woman Set a Forest Fire That Burned 51,000 Acres... Because Her
Firefighter Friends Were Bored

A 23-year-old woman in Oregon started a FOREST FIRE last summer . . . because her firefighter friends were BORED.  The fire ended up burning 51,000 acres, and investigators traced it back to her.  She's looking at up to five years in prison, and somehow she'll have to pay back the $7.9 million it cost to fight the 

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A Guy Dressed in a Full Body Penguin Costume Steals Beer From a Convenience Store
A guy walked into a convenience store in England on Mondaynight dressed in a full body penguin costume, grabbed 10 cans of beer, and took off.  The police are trying to track him down, and figure witnesses MUST'VE seen him.

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A Man Gets Evicted Because His Sex Swing Is Too Squeaky

A man in Munich, Germany was evicted from his apartment because he'd installed a SEX SWING in his place... and his neighbors kept complaining about, quote, "sexual, athletic, and squeaking noises."  Eventually his landlord evicted him, and a court just decided it was legal.