Is the Cover of the New "Spider-Woman" Comic Too Sexual?  

The cover of the upcoming Marvel comic "Spider-Woman #1" has created some controversy, because it's basically just a big, gratuitous ass shot.  Marvel isn't apologizing ... although one exec says, quote, "I think a conversation about how women are depicted in comics is relevant at this point, and definitely seems to be bubbling up from the zeitgeist."


Showbiz Hero of the Day: Chris Pratt Visited a Children's Hospital Dressed as His "Guardians of the Galaxy" Character

Chris Pratt visited the Children's Hospital in L.A. dressed as his "Guardians of the Galaxy" character Star Lord.  He spent more than three hours there, talking to kids, letting them try on his outfit and handing out toys.  Then he hung with them for a screening of the movie.


Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has finally confirmed that he's starring in the DC Comics movie "Shazam".  The assumption is that he'll play Shazam... the superhero formerly known as Captain Marvel. But he says he'd also love to play Shazam's arch-enemy Black Adam.

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Also, The first picture of Paul Rudd in "Ant Man" has been released.  But don't get too excited... it's just a picture of Paul Rudd in a hoodie.

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