1. A World Cup Prank ... Featuring Nicolas Cage Movies? A guy in L.A. did a prank in Hollywood the other day, and had random people try to pronounce the names of World Cup soccer players. But he was secretly making them pronounce Nicolas Cage movies. For example, one guy's first name was "K-a-h-n", and his last name was "E-y-r-e" . . . or "Con-Air".  

2. A bunch of soccer fans won money on Tuesday, because they placed bets that Uruguay's Luis Suarez would BITE SOMEONE during the World Cup, which he did. The odds were 175 to 1. 

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3. Underwear investigation?

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4. Hulk Hogan pumps up the USA soccer team!! Watch it to the end, you will get chills! USA USA USA!


A guy in Miami was watching the World Cup match between the U.S. and Portugal on Sunday, and when Portugal scored that last-minute goal to tie it ... he fell backwards through a second-story WINDOW.  Luckily he landed on an awning, and he's okay.

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Plus, a soccer player from Uruguay named Luis Suarez BIT an Italian player on the shoulder yesterday during the World Cup. And this isn't even the first time he's done it. His nickname in Europe is the "Cannibal", because he's bitten TWO other players.




Someone who has EXPERIENCE with biting commented on it afterward. EVANDER HOLYFIELD sent out a tweet that said, quote, "I guess ANY part of the body is up for eating."


It looked like the U.S. was going to beat Portugal in the World Cup yesterday, and advance to the next round.  But Portugal scored with just 30 SECONDS left, and it ended in a 2-2 tie.

If we'd won, we would have automatically made it to the next round.  Now we need to at least tie Germany on Thursday ... but they're ranked number two in the world.  Portugal is ranked fourth, and we're 13th.

Or we can lose by one goal, and STILL advance ... if Portugal and Ghana tie.  There's also another slightly more complicated possibility that involves how many goals are scored.

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Watch "Jermaine Jones goal reaction USA vs Portugal"

Here are some tweets from celebs after the USA v. Portugal match that ended in a 2-2 draw

Hot Argentinean Fans Show Up For Brazil ... WOW!!! --- See them all HERE

Plus, Watch a Bunch of Soccer Fans Fall Off the Back of a Moving Truck 

It's not clear where this happened.  But after Chile beat Australia in the World Cup on Friday, a bunch of Chilean soccer fans were celebrating in the back of a moving pickup truck ... while they were standing up and jumping around.

And there's a video online where the truck comes to a stop.  Then the driver hits the gas, and four or five of them tumble out the back and land HARD on the street.  They all eventually got back up though, so apparently they were okay.

And speaking of World Cup videos, Old Spice just posted a weird new World Cup ad



Adrinana Lima KIA Commercials


Landon Donovan seems to be just fine not playing in the World Cup this Year!


Axl Rose is in a new Budweiser commercial for the World Cup.  A bunch of soccer stars from around the world do a rap version of "Paradise City", and at the end one of them throws a guitar pick in the crowd.  Axl catches it, and uses it to open his beer.  (Watch the video here.  Axl doesn't say anything, but at least you can hear the World Cup version of "Paradise City".)

The Hottest women to ever come from Brazil

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Also this ... Photos of Brazilian Sex Workers Preparing For the World Cup #WouldJa


Happy Birthday, Adriana Lima! She turns 33 this week!

Brazilian Victoria's Secret model.  She married Marko Jaric, a third-string NBA player, in 2009.  She allegedly SAVED HERSELF for marriage and gave that gift to Marco on their wedding night.  They separated earlier this year.

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Brazil was home of the Miss Butt World Cup!

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