CONTEST: The Great Truck Off
We're up to 89 entries! 

Woman in a Thong Smashes up a McDonald's
It's not clear when this happened, but

Entire Debut Album Available For Streaming

Weezer Records Vinyl at Jack White’s
Direct-To-Vinyl Booth

Lookin at Girlzzz: Brit in a Mini,
Jewel Cleavage, Kourtney Throwback Bikini

So Michael Cera Was a Spanish Woman in the 1940s?
It's always fun to find old-timey photographs that look like

The Original Chewbacca, PETER MAYHEW, is Returning ...
The actor, who played the Wookiee in the original trilogy,

The third "Captain America" movie ...
will go head-to-head with "Batman vs. Superman" 

Cow Tipping is Old News ...
the Hot New Move is Smart Car Tipping

A Montage of This Year's Worst March Madness Moments
March Madness is officially over.

A Terrified Two-Year-Old Goes Through a Car Wash for the First Time
A video of a two-year-old experiencing

A Security Camera Caught a Married Congressman
Making Out with a Staffer