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Some gem of a dude (Who lives in Houston! Lucky us!) would like to hire two women WHO ARE NOT STRIPPERS to work at his fantasy football party back home in New York.

The women, would be working for tips only, should wear preferably a bikini or lingerie -- although being topless would also be the bee's knees.  But again, no actual strippers, please and thank you. Because non-stripper boobs are different than regular boobs.

The full Craigslist ad:

Every year I host a fantasy football party/draft in Saratoga and usually have two girls run our draft board and serve drinks. Last year I moved to Houston so I am trying to find two girls in advance before I fly home for a week for the party.

The job includes running the draft board, getting guys drinks, and of course doing it all in a bikini, or lingerie or some sexy outfit of your choice. We are not too picky. We do not hire strippers for the event because some of the guys are older and have wives and kids and feel a little weird HOWEVER we will tip and some of the guys will tip if you push the envelope. If you want to go topless that is your incentive and I'm sure you could make good tips doing it but it is not expected.

The group is a pretty average group of guys. 12 of us in total ranging from probably 25 years old to 55 years old.

Our draft party is scheduled for Thursday, August 14 around 7 PM and will probably last 4 hours.

If interested I would ask that you and your friend be available to meet someone from the group at least once before I fly home just to verify you are legit and serious about entertaining the party. If I don't have two girls lined up and come through for us it would be a nightmare for me.

Usually we only tip the girls so I can't say for sure what you would make but I would guarantee as a minimum $150 for each girl. I would promise at least that much out of my own pocket to make your time worthwhile.

Serious inquiries only please. Include pictures in your email and please make sure you can commit to the 14th of August.


Good luck, Broseph.

(h/t Deadspin)