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You have to give it to them here. The balls. The balls are large. A Walmart in Canton, Ohio is holding a Thanksgiving food drive among its benefit its employees. Because some of them can't afford food for some mysterious reason. To phrase that another way, low-wage workers are being asked to donate food to other low-wage workers to offset the fact that they aren't paid a living wage, and the entity doing the asking is the company that can't even keep them in canned-f*cking-green-bean-money in the first place.

There's no way I could have possibly said that as well as Lindy West from Jezebel. She's a g*d*amn poet, that one.

Anyhoo, Wal-Mart makes BILLIONS -- that's billions with a "b" -- in revenue every year. But sure, go ahead and ask the people who work for a pittance to spare what little they can to help the other employees who also make a pittance. Sounds like a solid plan.