It's a good day at work when you get a tip worth over $17k. A waitress in Oregon has a regular who likes to tip with unplayed Keno tickets. Recently, one of the tickets turned out to be a winner. A really big winner.

As soon as she realized how much the ticket was worth, the waitress tried to give it back to the customer, but he wasn't having any of that.

He had me sign it so nobody could steal it," she recalled. "Then he said, 'Now that you've signed it, you're the only person who could cash it.'"After cashing it the following day, she went back to the bar and insisted the man accept some of the money.

"I just couldn’t not give him some of it," Kephart said.

The rest of the money is earmarked for charity, bills, a rainy day, and a couch, which Kephart said she was recently close to purchasing before being scared off by the price. I never realized how expensive couches were," she told the Register-Guard. "Instead of waiting till Christmas or later, now I can buy something I really need."