So why am I not watching it? Actually... I'd never heard of it until this morning when  this came across my Twitter feed.

The crap part is that I can't find embeddable videos, which definitely takes some of the fun out of this. You'll have to go here to see the video of Jon Gosselin getting ripped to shreds by his evil, masturbation-shaming girlfriend.She actually used the word "ew" when talking about walking in on him (is she 12?), even though he swears "I wasn't beating off".

I understand the urge to hit yourself in the face, Farrah. I want to do it, too.
Photo: Getty Images

And then... Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham got caught fibbing about her porn sex tape. You can see the clip here, but this is what went down: 

Q - "I'm just curious how that was a sex tape filmed at home when there was actually a camera crew filming it?"

Farrah - "No there was not—there was only me and the camera person."

Then later, from Farrah - "I don't know if I ever said 'camera person,' but I'm saying there was never a camera person."

And then she accused the other cast members of putting words in her mouth. LOL, OK.

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