UPDATE - Congrats to listener Danielle Auman! She correctly guessed that it's Justin Beiber with the weird ass eyeball tattoo on his inner elbow. Come get your CDs, lady!


I promised my Facebook fans that as soon as I got a whopping 1,500 'likes', I'd do a giveaway. Up for grabs is a stack of really random CDs that have been collecting dust around my workspace for a while inluding Queens of the Stone Age, Volbeat, The Neighbourhood, Phoenix, and a few others.

Proof of CDs.

Now for the (not so) hard part... name the celeb who recently acquired this brand new tattoo of an eye that he says is in honor of his mom. AND DON'T GIVE IT AWAY. Email the answer to me and I'll randomly choose from the correct emails I receive, and the winner will be announced on Monday at my Facebook page, so you better have liked it. Good luck!