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I... um... uhhhhhh...

I barely know where to start. This such a chicken/egg story.

An employee at Florida Atlantic University was arrested for taking video (and posting them online) of 13 different guys wanking in the library men's room. Which is terrible. You should never violate someone's privacy like that.

And you shouldn't be masturbating in a public library.

According to the arrest affidavit, the employee, who worked in the library, filmed guys in the facility's bathroom urinating and masturbating. He then posted the clips to porn sites under the JERKING_BUD handle, catchy little numbers with titles like "A college kid and his dad taking a leak at a public bathroom" and "My buddy jerking off in the stall next to me."

If I saw that, I'd probably record it, too. But I'd laugh and show it to my friends, not post it to pornhub.com.

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