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Our favorite Teen Mom turned porn star has found a new way to cash in on her fame. She's set up an Amazon wish list for her fans, so they can buy her gifts like expensive ass furniture like a $1500 bookcase (insert obvious joke about her reading here) and thousands of dollars in ridiculous clothes (like sequin booty shorts and a Superwoman costume).

And get this? HER FANS ARE EATING IT UP. She's actually already on to her SECOND list. People hooked her up*.

Now I'm torn... do I keep judging her and her fans, or do I get over to Amazon and make myself a public wish list? (I kid, I kid.)

(Jezebel, Reality Tea)

*I checked the list as I was writing this up and there's nothing on it now, so either a) people bought her all of the crap she asked for or b) the story his the internet and she decided to take the list down. *shrug*