First, let's take a look at the ad... which, by the way, made my cold, un-patriotic heart swell a little with American pride.


And I'm not gonna lie, it totally made me want to pop open a Coke Zero, so well done Coca-Cola.

But, some people -- who are kind of a**holes -- were OFFENDED. All caps OFFENDED. Because HOW DARE CHILDREN SING AN AMERICAN SONG IN A LANGUAGE OTHER THAN ENGLISH?! Deport them all, the scallywags! (What, scallywag is totally appropriate in this case, right? I mean, surely this is happening in Colonial times and not modern f'n day, yes?)

Let's take a look at just how mad people were on Coca-Cola's official Facebook page. But before you do, a gentle reminder... 'America the Beautiful' is not our national anthem (that would be 'The Star Spangled Banner'), and we have no official language. *ahem*

I saved my favorite for last. The unintentional irony absolutely slayed me.

Yes, Bonnie... Coke "looses".


BTW, Coke also has a series of videos featuring the CHILDREN -- because did I mention it was F'N CHILDREN SINGING? -- who did the song. They're all so proud of what they're doing, and then people come along and sh*t all over it.



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