Photo: Angela Boone Photography

A Minneapolis woman, Christi Smith, rescued a pit bull named Tatortot from the doggie clink, where he was scheduled to be put down. The lucky pup returned the favor by saving her son's life! Good dog.

"Last Thursday evening, she was relaxing at home when Tatortot rushed into the room. 'He was whining and barking, trying to get my attention,' Smith recounts. 'And when he began running back and forth between mine and my son Peyton’s room, I got concerned.' She followed the dog into her son's bedroom where he jumped on the bed and began licking Peyton's face. However, Peyton was unresponsive."

It turns out that Peyton's blood sugar was dangerously low, and a trip to the ER saved his life.

"Pit bulls don’t have a reputation for being gentle giants, much less breeds that can help save lives. However, according to Natalie Zielinski, Behavior Program Manager at the Wisconsin Humane Society, they're simply misunderstood. Pit bulls were bred from heavy, muscular bulldogs, and because of their strength, were often used for 'bull baiting,' a blood sport in England that involved pit bulls antagonizing bulls. 'Unfortunately, their reputation as fighters stuck, although research shows that pit bulls are no more aggressive than golden retrievers,' Zielinski tells Yahoo Shine."

You can follow Tatortot on Facebook, and read the whole story on Christi's blog. (Yahoo)