Jesus, can we call the NFL a whambulance?


Back in September, they were demanding M.I.A. pay a mere $1.5 million for her Super Bowl stunt. The times, however, they are a changing. And a new year means a new demand, for a whole hell of a lot more money.

They want $16.6 million in restitution. The NFL makes over $9 billion a year, so yeah... I can see how they're hurting.

Another important fact, according to Jezebel, "In addition, the fleeting middle finger didn't have 'one iota of financial impact' on the NFL."

It gets worse, though... because the NFL is hardly a squeaky clean organization.

"As the response papers note, NFL players, coaches and team owners have been seen "flipping the bird" and uttering profanities during broadcast games, and they're rarely fined for it. In fact, racist profanities are so common in the NFL that the League was 'recently reported to be considering... the imposition of a 15-yard penalty against players who utter the 'N-word' on the field.'"

M.I.A. isn't going down without a fight. Good luck to the NFL on getting so much as a cent out of her. 


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