Nic "Let's All Dabble In Drugs" Cage and Emma Stone (Getty Images) 

Nicolas Cage is giving some gems of quotes during his press tour for his upcoming movie 'The Frozen Ground'. Here's what he has to say, courtesy of Defamer:

  • He's just a “pretty boring guy” who is now living a “very simple life” in Las Vegas. (Is that even possible in Vegas?) 
  • According to BBC News, he’s only spent six months or so of his life “dabbling” in drugs. “I didn’t have like a real problem,” says Cage.
  • The dabbling, FYI, is because “you need to live your life like an art.” AN ART. That's a direct quote.
  • He thinks it's totally cool if you need to “get a bit surreal to help…whatever it is you’re trying to express”. Sure.
  • He also said “my song of choice is ‘Waterfalls’ by TLC.” Now, he didn't actually specify that he likes to do the drugs WHILE listening to 'Waterfalls', but I like to think that's what he meant.