The door is opening and closing by itself, and the lights are flickering. Hell to the nope.

A brave, Brazilian policeman and his colleague ventured in to investigate a weird banging noise coming from inside a morgue and what they found is freaky AF.

The chilling clip starts off with a door eerily swinging open and shut in an empty corridor, with lights flickering on and off like a scene from a horror film.

The baffled policemen make their way down the freaky hallway towards the door (not a chance I’d be doing that,) with the door still clanging shut and flinging itself open again.

I mean, no. Nope. I'd get the hell out of there. Not these guys, though! They stuck around. 

You have to watch until :47. That's when the guys get close to the door and suddenly, the lights go out completely and the door stops slamming. 

A few seconds later, we see that it's actually a small door to a cupboard with a water pump. No one was hiding in there, pulling a prank.  

I'm probably sleeping with the lights on tonight. You?

(Source: Unilad)