Simba is an awesome boy. I met him last year, the week of Thanksgiving. It was crazy cold and absolutely pouring, and the shelter where he lives is mostly outdoors, so they needed to find temporary fosters for some of the dogs.

He jumped in my car and chilled on the drive. He played with my dogs (an American Staffordshire/Tolling Retriever mix and a Pomeranian) and left my cat alone. He snuggled with me on the couch and curled up for naps in a laundry basket. He was such a sweet and pretty dog, I thought he'd be adopted in no time!

Months later, Simba is still looking for a home. Check this dude out! He deserves a family. I'm told he's getting sad at the shelter, so we need to get him out of there.

You can contact Saving Pets Lives to meet Simba, and to see all of the other dogs and cats that are looking for their forever homes.., or call 713-378-5788


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