I didn't believe the stories when they first started to surface, because the tabloids are always full of scandalous tidbits on the Kardashians that never turn out to be true. But this time, TMZ seems to be spot on about what's happening in the life of my favorite Kardashian.

Multiple sources familar with the situation tell us Khloe "effectively" declared  separation when she threw Lamar out of the house Wednesday, after he refused her  attempt at an intervention. TMZ broke the story ... Lamar has had a crack  addiction problem for at least 2 years, and Khloe simply couldn't take it  anymore.

We're told Khloe made it clear if Lamar did not get help -- the  point of the intervention -- she wanted nothing to do with him anymore.

In the immortal words of Whitney Houston, crack is whack. According to Jezebel:

He managed to stay clean during the L.A. Clippers' past season, but once it was over he went back to his addiction. Source: "[Khloe and Lamar] really do love each other. But she really feels that this problem is out of control, and she's hurt that he won't get help."

What a bummer. Get thee to rehab, Lamar. Please.

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