I read about Rainey over the weekend, and her's is one of the most devastating animal abuse/neglect stories I've come across. Here's Rainey's story:


Rainey was turned in to the Houston City Pound by her owner.  The owner said that she had gotten her leg caught in a rope and thought it was better until the leg fell off. She is missing her leg from the knee down on back right leg and there is about 3 inches of bone exposed and dried out. The left front foot has only exposed metacarpal bones stripped down to the bone and phalanges are missing completely. This bone too is dried out. She is walking on this foot with a limp. There is a very foul odor from the leg. These do not appear to be recent injuries. She has thinning hair and hairloss over mid to lower back. Despite all of this she is the sweetest, gentlest little girl who loves to be in your lap! She was picked up and taken immediately to the ER and will be transferred to our regular vet. She will need amputation surgery, reconstructive surgery and, hopefully, she will be a candidate for a prosthesis which will run in the the thousands of dollars. Please help us help Rainey walk again!

Check out the fundraising site set up by her rescue group, Red Collar Rescue. And FYI, the authorities have been notified according to RCR.