Thanks to the people at Reddit for grossing us out educating us.

1.  Beans at Taco Bell.  They come out of a can like cat food and the directions are, quote, "Add water and stir until you can't see white anymore."

2.  Chili at Wendy's.  The meat in the chili comes from old cooked burgers that don't get sold.  The leftover meat is frozen, then thawed and dumped into the chili.

3.  Macaroni and cheese at Panera Bread.  The mac and cheese comes in frozen packages and it's just microwaved.  There's no cooking involved.

4.  BBQ chicken at KFC.  It comes from chicken that's too old and stale to donate to food banks . . . so they soak it in barbecue sauce until it can be pulled.

5.  Arby's roast beef.  Apparently, before it's cooked, the roast beef looks like, quote, "a gelatinous mass with chunks of meat in it.  Literally a paste with chunks of meat."

So... who's hungry??


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Photo credit: avidd / Foter / CC BY