Remember this woman?


She's baaaaack.

First, I will eat my hat if this pic isn't Photoshopped. She points to non-existent stretch marks and has the skin of a Barbie.



Second, OMG, no.

Look, I'm thrilled for her that she's stoked about her body and that she's found a way to make fitness, which is obviously a passion, a major part of her life. That's fantastic! You do you, Maria Kang!

But a) don't tout "limited sleep" as a positive, because it isn't, and b) stop trying to make people who don't have/want your life/body/passion/genetics/whatever feel ashamed.

I don't have EXCUSES. I have REASONS. So back off, Maria, and try to find a tag line that's positive instead of one that beats down people who aren't in the same place as you.

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