Bystanders in a Katy parking lot used a hammer to smash out the window of a car where two kids had been left while their mom went to get a haircut. The rescuers said the kids were crying, and that even after smashing the window, they had a hard time getting the kids out because the child lock was on.

The mother convinced the group that she made a mistake and not to call the police.


UPDATE - WTF... turns out the original story had it ALL WRONG. Now KHOU is reporting that the mom didn't leave her kids in the car while she got a haircut. Instead, she took her kids into a store with her and then after she put the kids back in the car, somehow the kids and the keys got locked inside!

In fact, it’s mom that slides through the broken window to grab her kids. Folks inside Postal+ said the mom was not negligent and was not getting a haircut. From start to finish, witnesses said the kids were in the car less than five minutes.

“Like a caring mother, she watches over her kids,” said Lopez.

She was only trying to get her kids out as fast as possible after an honest mistake. In the video, you see the customer who broke the window walk back in with cuts on his arm followed by the mother and her two toddlers sipping on bottles of water. They were happy to be out, happy to be back with mom.

What the hell? How did such a backwards version of the story get reported in the first place?


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