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People will sell anything to make a buck. In this case, Axl Rose's ex-wife is selling off a bunch of her ex-husband's crap.

  • Break up letters
  • A domestic violence police report from 1988
  • Axl's personal photographs
  • Axl's handwritten lyrics and poems
  • Random items of his clothing, like pants
  • Axl and his ex-wife's wedding video
  • A Guns 'n Roses American Music Award

From one of the letters:

“I just can’t bear this life — so I must drown my sorrows. The name William proves too much to bear, and now in my moment of despair, I have become frustrated + confused!”

Rose then signs it, “Think of me when you wipe yo’ ass.”

You can check out the auction here. Happy bidding. (Daily Dot)