Kate and Wills waited until their 30s!
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As a friend said, LOLNOPE.

Over 50% of Americans think a woman should have children by the time she's 26. Only 3% think she should wait until she's in her 30s.


I'm definitely in the 3%. I've purposely waited, knowing that I wanted to be settled and more mature before having kids. I was a very content, child-free twentysomething. I can't imagine coming home from the bar (or coming home from IHOP, where I liked to go after the bar) in the wee hours of the morning during my 20s only to realize there's a baby or a child that would be waking me up in a few hours. LOLNOPE.

Now that I'm older, I'm all boring and crap and all I'm doing on a Saturday night is watching HGTV anyways. It's the perfect time to have kids!

People are cray-cray.