Can these women just go after their dudes with a golf club like the rest of us?
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Revenge porn is sick. It's posted online for the sole purpose of humiliating the person in the picture or video. There are so many things wrong with that, it would take me forever to unpack it*.

Ariella Alexander -- which is totally not her real name because she wants to (ironically) maintain her privacy -- runs a revenge porn site that's different than most.

Usually it’s jilted male lovers who post photos given to them in confidence, or taken by them in trust, in an attempt to humiliate their ex-partners. But the jilted lovers in this scenario are married women, who send Alexander photos of their husbands’ alleged mistresses. Her website is dedicating to naming and shaming “homewreckers.”

So she's posting pictures of women along with their FULL NAMES AND ADDRESSES, without their permission. Granted, she doesn't post nudes (she covers the naughty bits), but still. It's totally reprehensible. And she doesn't think she's doing anything wrong.

“As far as expecting privacy, I think your privacy flew out the window as soon as you sent it to somebody else,” she continued. “It’s no longer a private photo.”

One guy was recently charged with theft and extortion for running a revenge porn site, so it probably won't be long before this crap catches up with "Alexander". I hope it's sooner rather than later. 

(Al Jazeera)

*But let me start by saying it's the men who are cheating who deserve the wrath of their partners. Damn.