In general, I hate the ice bucket challenge. (I know, I am no fun.) I hate it because what I've seen are people dumping buckets of ice water over themselves INSTEAD OF donating money. Cheap bastards.

But apparently, there are actually people donating. The ALS Association has had a 1000% increase in donations over last year.

And seeing a father with ALS and his daughter do the ice bucket challenge was really nice. (h/t Elite Daily)

Marc Zuckerberg just did it, too, and posted the video to Facebook. (I'm giving him some side-eye for not mentioning a donation.)

Looking into the camera, Zuckerberg then nominated Bill Gates, Facebook colleague Sheryl Sandberg, and Netflix CEO Reed Hastings to take on the challenge within 24 hours or to donate $100 dollars.



If you do the challenge, keep in mind that the point is to donate money, not actually drench yourself in ice water.