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Guy Rides Unicycle On Top Of 840ft Chimney

He also does some juggling, but it was the unicyle that really got my palms sweating. - @KarahOnTheRadio
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'Supergirl' Stunt Woman Kills It On American Ninja Warrior

Not only is Jessie Graff the first woman to complete stage one of American Ninja Warrior, she makes it look EASY. - @KarahOnTheRadio
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Guy Asks His Superior Looking Friend For Nudes To Send To A Girl

The unfortunate looking dude catfished a girl, which is gross. But sharing your nudes with a less attractive friend? That's kind of sweet. - @KarahOnTheRadio
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INTERVIEW: Jimmy Eat World

I put singer Jim Adkins through a speed round of 'This Or That' where I asked the ultimate question... Houston or Dallas? - @KarahOnTheRadio
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WATCH: How To Make A Jailhouse Tattoo Machine

Now if I could just find a Walkman... - @KarahOnTheRadio
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WATCH: Lingerie Ad Banned For Being Like An 'Amateur Porn Movie'

Worst. Porn. Ever. - @KarahOnTheRadio
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WATCH: Georgia Dad Destroys Audi To Teach His Daughter A Lesson

I wonder what it's like to have so much money that you're cool with destroying an Audi to teach your kid a lesson? - @KarahOnTheRadio
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High School Student Uses Stun Gun On Teacher

That'll teach him to break up a fight. - @KarahOnTheRadio
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POLL: Do You Hate It? Or Do You Love It?

New music this week from Bear Hands, of Montreal, K.Flay, Warpaint, Bleeker, and more. - @KarahOnTheRadio
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Trying Taco Bell's 'Secret' Menu

'Secret' just means it's not actually on the menu. You'll have to make a special order. - @KarahOnTheRadio
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