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Do You Hate It? Playlist - July 24th

Listen to music this week from Twin Atlantic, Panic! at the Disco, Catfish and The Bottlemen, and The 1975. - @KarahOnTheRadio
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How To Make Vodka Jelly Poké Balls

These look so cool, but if you want to make them, you have to be willing to order the gummy candies online. - @KarahOnTheRadio
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Chilling CCTV Footage Shows Ghost Following Man Into Taxi

Oh, hell no. - @KarahOnTheRadio
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Woman Wears Cosplay Outfits To Work In Response To Racist Dress Code

She can't wear her hair in a ponytail or in a scarf? Fine, she'll come to work in a Star Trek uniform, or as evil Spiderman. - @KarahOnTheRadio
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WATCH: Startling Demonic Goblin Exorcism Caught On Video

To clarify, the woman was possessed with demonic goblins. It wasn't a demon being exorcised from a goblin. *wink* @KarahOnTheRadio
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WATCH: Pokemon Interrupts State Department Briefing

The State Department spokesman was talking about ISIS when he noticed one of the journalists was playing Pokemon. Seriously. - @KarahOnTheRadio
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Bartender Pours 17 Jägerbombs Simultaneously

I bet this trick kills at parties. - @KarahOnTheRadio
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Knucklehead Drinks World's Largest Jägerbomb

So much Jäger. So much puking. - @ KarahOnTheRadio
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Cyclist Miraculously Escapes Death When Out-Of-Control Van Rolls Over Him

Luckiest guy EVER. - @KarahOnTheRadio
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Old Man Filmed Having Public Threesome On Hotel Balcony

That's a balcony of the Waldorf Astoria in Chicago. I know, you'd think stuff like this would only happen at the La Quinta in Reno or something, but apparently rich people like to get it on in...
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