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Tattoos That Can Control Your Phone Are Here

So cool! - @KarahOnTheRadio
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POLL: Do You Hate It? Or Do You Love It?

New music this week from The White Stripes, Night Riots, Trapdoor Social, Zipper Club, and more. - @KarahOnTheRadio
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Scantily Clad Florida Mom Tells Black Teens They Should Have Stayed In Africa

Florida, man. This stuff is always happening in Florida. - @KarahOnTheRadio
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VIRAL: Ghost Spotted Limping Around Gettysburg

This was recorded in 2013, but thanks to Reddit, it's making the rounds again and freaking people the f' out. Like me.
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Snapchat To Buy Recommendation App Vurb For $100Million

You know how Instagram jacked the stories idea? Well... Snapchat is totally not going to lay down and die.
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Apple Music to Add Lyrics Feature with iOS 10 Update

Upgrade! No more random nonsense singing when we get to a line we don't understand. - @KarahOnTheRadio
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Passengers Take Over When Bus Driver Dies At The Wheel

Thankfully the passengers managed to stop the bus before it drove into a crowd of people. - @KarahOnTheRadio
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HILARIOUS: Mom's Note To Dad On Watching Kids While She's Away

Suddenly I'm thinking that just having ONE kid sounds like a great idea instead of the four I had originally planned. - @KarahOnTheRadio
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Harry Potter GO Could Look Like This

It's just a mock up from someone who does animation, but it looks amazing. Would you play? - @KarahOnTheRadio
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Mom: Internet Bullying Devastated Gabby Douglas

Poor Gabby! When you're a public figure, people will flip on you on a dime, and that's exactly what they did. - @KarahOnTheRadio
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