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The Worst Stage Dive In The History Of Stage Dives

Plop. - @KarahOnTheRadio
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MTV Classic To Launch August 1st

To say I'm excited would be an understatement. MTV is back, baby! - @KarahOnTheRadio
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Things We Already Knew: Houston Has One Of The Worst Commutes In America

Commuting in Houston is f'n brutal, we all know that. It's ranked 7th on the list of worst commutes in the country. - @KarahOnTheRadio
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WATCH: Is This The World's Tallest Dog?

Major is almost twice as tall as me. Yowza. - @KarahOnTheRadio
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Honest Game Trailer: Pokemon Go

This makes me feel so good about NOT playing Pokemon Go. - @KarahOnTheRadio
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Houston Man Assaulted By Someone In A Clown Mask

That is the kind of stuff nightmares are made of. - @KarahOnTheRadio
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WATCH: German Shepherd Fetches His Brother On Command

Meanwhile, I can't even get my dogs to fetch a ball. - @KarahOnTheRadio
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WTF: Corpse Discovered In Australian Fast Food Toilet After Three Days

How do you not notice a body decomposing for three days?! I know bathrooms don't exactly smell like roses, but come on. So gross. - @KarahOnTheRadio
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ATTN 'Game of Thrones' Fans: Hodor Is ALIVE and DJing at Comic-Con!!

For everyone who was so, so sad about poor Hodor, this should make you feel a little better. - @KarahOnTheRadio
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Stray Dog Was So Matted No One Could Tell What He Was

Hint: It's a breed that originated in Asia (Tibet and China), meant to be companion dogs. - @KarahOnTheRadio
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