Sometimes you see an unforgettable music video that blows your mind. What are your top 3 favorite music videos? Share your wealth below.

Here are my current favorites.


3. Tenacious D - Tribute

If you can't remember your third favorite... neither could these guys, but here is a tribute to that great song.


2. OK Go - Needing/Getting

...or any video from these guys rather.  Just because of the sheer effort they put into their one-take videos, they deserve to be in the top. 


1. Biting Elbows - Bad Mother F%$#&@

My #1 video was too NSFW and my boss wouldn't let me post it to my blog. Here is a preview of the video and the full version is linked below it (View at your own risk... I warned you).




Post your top music videos 3 below...

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