Buzzfeed is getting a little nuts with their quizzes and their BS surveys along the lines of "Which Sexually Transmitted Disease Are You??" but every now and then they come out with a gem that I can TOTALLY relate to.

Case in point, "67 Thoughts Everyone Has When They Go To Starbucks". I can relate to most, if not all of the circumstances and thoughts they've listed, I can also add to this list. I am a certified Starbucks card carrying professional and this is what I go through on the daily.


See numbers 1-67 here


Now additions...

68. The guy in front of me is super he straight? (This situation occurs mostly at the Montrose Starbucks)

69. What's that new featured flavor? Should I? Do they have a skinny version? Probably not. I'll stick with the ol' standby.

70. (While driving away) I should have tried the new featured flavor. I always get the same damn thing.

71. I'm starving and that turkey and swiss sandwich looks delicious but I will not pay six bucks for a damn sandwich. I will, however, pay five dollars for a cup of coffee. Because I'm addicted. Get off me.

72. Why is that middle schooler so furiously typing on his MacBook? Ah, he's on Facebook. Play on, player.

73. I feel like I can't sit down on these fancy chairs unless I have a legitimate book to read. I just won't fit in.

74. The guy sitting on the couch is super he some sort of hipster or just homeless?

75. I've been waiting a really long time for my coffee. Did they forget about me?

76. (Stands awkwardly close to the barista station, side eyes everyone who gets their drink before me)

77. "Deena? Diana? Donna?" Score! That's me!

I feel Drive Thru should get their own paragraph. Because that is a whole separate struggle.

78. (4 a.m.) I am a zombie and I need to stop at the "24 Hour" Starbucks on Westheimer. (Screams in horror) Noooooo!!!!!! I want to run over that sign that says "Closed for Cleaning". What do you mean???? This is supposed to be a 24 HOUR STARBUCKS!!! It says so right there on the sign!!! Damn you 15 minute cleaning closures!!!

(In their defense, this only happens once in a blue moon, but when it does, it's earth shattering.)


I would like to add a shout out to my girl Kelly at my local Starbucks because she makes delicious Chai's, spells AND pronounces my name correctly and it's always service with a smile. She makes my daily Starbucks trips a little more tolerable.