"Record Store Day" has been celebrated worldwide since 2007 as a way to honor the rare but awesome music shops. We need to keep these record shops around and RSD is a way to help with that. Click here to see what bands are releasing special albums in honor of this very special day.

We have a few here in Houston, most of which I frequent on a regular basis. If you are unfamilar, have a look at my favorites, along with their addresses. Google Map away, kids!

1. Heights Vinyl, 3122 White Oak...from what I understand, this is a relatively newer store, but it's located right in that cool neighborhood around Fitzgerald's. Every album is color coded to the tune of the "Reservoir Dogs" characters so you know what you're spending. So before you take in a live show, go shop some music and then eat at Taco a Go-Go.

2. Sound Exchange, 1846 Richmond....This one is in what looks to be someone's house. I kind of get the feeling that the owner's mom just lets him set up shop in an extra room that she wasn't using. I found an original copy of Fleetwood Mac's "Rumours" here so this place forever has a place in my heart. For a smaller place, they have a killer selection of the classics. They can fix your turntable too, if you need it.

3. Sig's Lagoon, 3622 East Main.....Go upstairs for the good stuff. At least that's what I think. That's where the good "pre-loved" collection is. I found a rare Beatles import as well as Beach Boys "Pet Sounds" on vinyl in great condition. If you are looking to build a record collection for a doable price, this might be the place you want to start. Shout out to the guy up front that says "groovy" every other word.

4. Vinal Edge, 239 West 19th....I spend a lot of time in this 19th street neighborhood and therefore, a lot of time at Vinal Edge. They have a HUGE variety, everything from Industrial noise to African to Hawaiaan.

5. Cactus Music, 2110 Portsmouth....Cactus is just plain great. They have a killer music selection, everything from cassettes to records and it's all organized in a neatly fashion. Keep your eye out for live performances, I saw an acoustic Taking Back Sunday show there just last month. I also met one of my favorite bands, Against Me, on the same day. Oh, and during those live performances, they serve free beer. Solid.

6. Soundwaves, 3509 Montrose Blvd....Yay Soundwaves, I love this place. How cool is it that within Texas' largest surf and skate shop lies a music store as well? They have a huge selection of records, CD's and live music DVD's and they even have those old school listening stations! Take that album for a spin before you invest $15 to $20 in it, by all means! So next time you're hurting for a new pair of board shorts and some fresh tunes...stop by Soundwaves, you'll probably see me in there, say hi.