Through some tough negotiating with my boss and their tour manager, I was able to go backstage at Free Press Summer Fest this past weekend and meet one of my favorite bands. I arrived just in time to get a good spot, pretty close to the front, and endured the bright ass sunshine for their hour long set. Which, might I add, was amazing. This is a video I found on Instagram, an aerial view of some of the show...


Video Courtesy of Pete Molick's Instagram, @CapturedAesthetic


After their incredible set, I went backstage and met them, talked to them about where they can find good tacos in Houston, (Tacos-A-Go-Go, next to Fitzgerald's, where they've played), and took this picture.


Bonus: I mentioned that I was a little hungover and they gave me some beer, hair of the dog style. They were so cool.


I've still got that smile on my face!!