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10. Paul McCartney - “New” - OK let’s be honest here, this album could have been a pile of poop and I still would have put this on my top ten list. But really, there are some gems on it…and it’s Paul McCartney!! You can tell the guy is in a good place in his life right now.

Top Picks: “New” “Alligator” “Save Us”


9. Imagine Dragons "Night Visions" (technicality…because it came out in September 2012, but it really blew up in 2013 so suck it). When Imagine Dragons came into our Coors Light Live Lounge last spring, I didn’t realize how talented they are. They are incredibly musicians with well trained and harmonious voices. As soon as they finished, every jaw in that room was on the floor. Another thing we never dreamed of was how successful this album became. “It’s Time” was the first single they released and that landed in Billboard’s Top 15, but nothing could rival the success of “Radioactive”. It was the third most downloaded single in the US this year, received two Grammy nominations, was featured many times on television, and even our own Rockets used the song for a promotion.

Top Picks: “It’s Time” “Demons” “Bleeding Out”


8. Jimmy Eat World – Damage – I love Jimmy Eat World!!! This album didn’t disappoint, it was definitely more on the mature, slow side of the band..not a heavy rocker but definitely worth checking out.

Top Picks: “Damage” “Byebyelove” “I Will Steal You Back”


7. Joan Jett and the Blackhearts “Unvarnished” – Joan stayed true to her old school style on this one, but explored some deeper lyrics than usual. She writes about everything from the devastation to her hometown from Hurricane Sandy to the death of her parents and keeps that classic rock riff going the whole time. F*** yeah Joan Jett!!!!

Top Picks: “Any Weather” “Hard to Grow Up” “Everybody Needs a Hero”


6. Haim "Days Are Gone"– Where did these chicks come from? I actually went out and purchased this CD because I loved the single “The Wire” so much! These three sisters did such a good job as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live, even Rod complimented their style.

Top Picks: “The Wire” “Don’t Save Me” “Go Slow”


5. Pearl Jam “Lightning Bolt” – To me, it seemed like Pearl Jam stretched their wings on this album, while still staying true to their classic grunge sound. They don’t need synthesizers or crazy bass beats or electro-pop to stay relevant. Throw in a couple of killer ballads like “Sirens”, headbangers like “Mind Your Manners” and the blues-y “Let the Records Play” and you’ve got yourself a new PJ classic.

Top Picks: “Sirens” (Probably my favorite song of 2013), “Let the Records Play” “Sleeping By Myself”


4. Vampire Weekend “Modern Vampires of the City” – Rolling Stone named this as their number one album of the year. I wasn’t very familiar with this band, but after hearing the second single off this album, “Ya Hey”, I decided to explore. Super fun band with interesting lyrics and Ezra Koenig, the lead singer, has a voice unlike anyone else out there right now. In a good way.

Top Picks: “Ya Hey” “Step” “Don’t Lie”


3. Fall Out Boy “Save Rock and Roll” – I slept on this one a little bit, I didn’t really get into it until a friend of mine made me listen to it recently. Fall Out Boy’s comeback effort was a strong one. They held on to the pop punk style that made them big and added some grown up elements as well as adjusted their style to today’s more popular electro-rock/techno/synthesizer whatever the hell it is. AND they got Courtney Love to make a guest appearance….I’m sold!!!

Top Picks: “Miss Missing You” “Rat a Tat Tat” (Featuring Courtney Love) “Alone Together”


2. The Naked and Famous – In Rolling Waves – Love, love, love this band. Their breakout album, Passive Me, Aggressive You was stellar. It remains to be one of the few albums that I can listen to straight through over and over again. They didn’t disappoint with In Rolling Waves, right out of the gate with “A Stillness”, Alisa’s voice reaches into your soul and makes you want to do great things. While listening to their music. I love this band so much I own three of their t shirts. Three.

Top Picks: “A Stillness” “Rolling Waves” “Hearts Like Ours”


1. Twenty One Pilots – Vessel – Get. This. Album. Put your masculine ROCK AND ROLL mentality aside for one hour while you listen to this compilation of gloriousness. I feel like I’ve been listening to this album on repeat all year.

Top Picks: “Holding On To You” “House of Gold” “Guns For Hands” “Fake You Out”


Honorable Mentions…

Lorde “Pure Heroine” – Honorable Mention – I like the vibe of this album. It’s pretty chill but at the same time, I can’t seem to shake that I’m listening to a 16 year old.

Queens of the Stone Age – Honorable Mention – Because I haven’t given this one a fair chance yet but it’s on the top of a lot of critics list for the year.

Arcade Fire “Reflektor” – It took me a few listens, but it’s finally starting to grow on me. Arcade Fire is one of my favorite bands and I am loyal, but I still thing “Funeral” is their best album.