"Black Me Out" is the last song on the incredible "Transgender Dysphoria Blues", Against Me's latest album, and it's also my favorite on the disc. I mean, with lyrics like "I want to piss on the walls of your house" and a chorus heavy on the crash cymbal, how could you not love it??

It's also fun to air drum to this song...

Umm so be careful, some of this isn't exactly "safe for work" and it's even a little haunting...like evil shadow puppets playing with scissors. You do get some black and white shots of the band though, so that's cool.


The band was in town over the weekend and I got a chance to meet them, thanks to Cactus Music for hosting an Against Me Meet N Greet, I still can't wipe the dumb smile off of my face! Here is a picture of the wonderful Laura Jane Grace, my friend Mitch and me.