Time now for before hip hop sucked.. remember when mc's were real mc's who shot eachother instead of wussily virtually beefing on twitter, when lyrical ability and story telling was prized over the possesion of gold plated diamond encrusted lear jets. Its was a time before the kanye wests of this world were blogging about how they had to scotch gaurd their yves st laurent luggage when they went on tour. That was atime i like to call before hip hop sucked and in honor of that time I bring you Ice Cube. (Known to his mom and dad as O Shea Jackson. )While O Shea jackson was studying architectural drafting at the phoenix institute of technology he also started rapping at parties thrown by a guy called Andre Young. Realizing Oshea and Andre weren't the most gangsta names to have if you were starting a gangsta rap career they wisely chose to change their names to Ice Cube and Dr Dre, formed NWA and the rest is hip hop history.

Ice Cube bailed on NWA back in 89 and started putting out solo records like this one..displaying  skills that made Snoop Dog claim that Ice Cube is the greatest rapper of all time. Of course he's wrong. It's KRS 1, but this is still pretty awesome It's Ice Cube. It's Wicked, Enjoy