Every year we get a new crop of virgins to the Buzzfest experience that come in wondering, what the hell is this day all about?

First, it's a day to rock. Second, it's a day of fun. Not only do you get to meet some pretty cool people from around the city while you're waiting at the second stage or sitting in the lawn but our 94.5 The Buzz on air host work hard to make sure they spend as much time with each and every one of you as they can.

So, what should you expect while you're out at Buzzfest this year?

1. Our Crowd Cam.

We have photographers everywhere at Buzzfest and they're looking specifically for the rowdiest person that's having the best f--king time of their life. So when you see a guy or girl with a camera, get ready because chances are, you'll end up right here!

2. Selfies

We know the selfie game is mostly for teenagers and your parents on vacation but at Buzzfest, your favorite on air talent makes a point to try and get a photo with each of you.

3. Crowd Surfing

It's been called the second stage, the party stage, and just flat out the place to mosh. Either way, if you're at Buzzfest and want to crowd surf this is the place to be!