Police have arrested a Northern California woman suspected of putting tainted orange juice bottles on the shelves of a Starbucks coffee shop, officials said on Tuesday.

50-year-old Ramineh Behbehanian was arrested at her home in San Jose, California on Monday night and later booked on charges of attempted murder and poisoning. She was spotted by a customer allegedly putting two juice bottles, containing deadly amounts of rubbing alcohol, on the store’s shelves.

The customer alerted an employee, but Behbehanian bolted when she overheard them talking about her. Another quick-thinking patron copied her license plate, which led police to Behbehanian.

The fire department later determined the two bottles of orange juice contained a lethal dose of alcohol. Starbucks destroyed all the drinks in the display case and spokesman said, “We’re immensely grateful to the vigilant customer who did the right thing by immediately alerting our store partners after witnessing the suspicious behavior.”

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