Police in Lapeer, Michigan, pulled over a six-year-old boy ... who said he was driving to pick up some Chinese food.

Several drivers called police to report seeing a child behind the wheel of a vehicle. "They told police when they called that it looked like a 6-year-old was driving the car," said Sergeant Andy Engster of the Lapeer County Sheriff's Department. "And they were exactly right."

When officers arrived at the scene, two drivers had boxed in the car the boy was driving and one had taken the keys out of the ignition.

The boy, whose name was not released, told police that he took the car keys off the counter at home in the morning and that he was going to get Chinese food.

Police called the boy's father, who said he was asleep and didn't even know his son was gone.

No one was injured during the incident, but during his drive, the boy hit a sign and damaged the car. No word on whether he ever got his Chinese food...

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