A pregnant woman had her leg amputated after being pinned by a car at a southwest Houston home, investigators said.

Houston police say two women began arguing at a home on Ravenworth Thursday morning.  The argument it believed to have stemmed from the man who is the father of both of their children.

Christopher Chaney, lives with his current girlfriend -- Alise Stephon Kelley -- and two children from a previous relationship. Kelley is four months pregnant with Chaney's baby.

Then the mother of Chaney's two kids -- Shareyll Starre Hunter, who is also five-months pregnant with Chaney's baby began to argue with Chaney and Kelley.

Police say Hunter then got into her car, hit the gas and pinned Kelley against a brick wall.

Officers said the pinned woman may have two broken legs.

Shareyll Starre Hunter then fled the scene.  Police are looking for her and her biege Lincoln LS.  Hunter already has an outstanding warrant.