Houston has already been experiencing a warm winter but down at Scout Bar Friday night, January 13, Phil Anselmo and one of his never ending lists of bands, Superjoint (formerly Superjoint Ritual), made sure the evening was especially hot as hell.

Opener, Battlecross, from the Motor City are what some would call "road warriors" because of their history for being on tour a lot. The self-described “blue collar thrash metal” brought the speed with their thrash/melo-death touch. On a personal note, each time I have seen them, their crowd grows a little bit more with a mosh pit in full swing to boot. For those that are new to this band, make a special point to check out their biggest hit and set list closer, “Push Pull Destroy”. It may just be one of the fastest things you’ve heard in a while.

Now, for those of you that are metal fans, this name needs no introduction. For the rest, Anselmo was formerly the front man of Pantera. Superjoint is the band that highlights Anselmo’s hardcore influences. On Friday, the band played to a crowd that was both young and old but regardless of age, if a fan dared to try and get right up front, they were immediately prepared to get pushed around and crushed by the crowd.

At Andselmo's right all night was Jimmy Bower (Down, EyeHateGod) keeping the rhythm guitar in lock. Chants of “BOWER POWER” could be heard throughout the show. Despite only being three albums deep, the groups latest release from November, Caught Up In The Gears Of Application, was met with an audience that knew every song played from it. From  F*ck Your Enemy, "Waiting for a Turning Point", to new song "Ass*ole" (complete with a Pantera Walk chorus chant during it) the crowd was moving the entire time, with one lucky crowd surfer in a wheel chair who got to enjoy the show on stage.

If you consider yourself a fan of metal, seeing Phil Anselmo should be on your bucket list no matter what band you happen to catch him with!