This week in Houston the big news is all about the Super Bowl and the festivities around it. But for me and about 200 other people on Wednesday, February 2nd, EastDown Warehouse was the place to be.

In the easiest way I can possibly say, this show was intense. Pittsburgh hardcore/metal band, Code Orange, are fresh into supporting their third, highly anticipated album, Forever. 

Although, I’m very accustomed to metal shows, and know what to expect after reports of a fan being severely injured during a recent show, I was a little concerned.

Opening with the title track of their new album, Forever, as soon as the lights dimmed and the intro music started, the floor opened up with the crowd eager to let loose.

What I noticed most of all was what made this crowd unique. It was not just the intensity throughout the whole show, but a floor full of hardcore dancing. Kicks and punches were thrown everywhere during the 45-minute set. The only break during the show was when Bleeding in the Blur was played.

The biggest reaction was during the band’s final song and probably biggest fan favorite, My World. The slow discord of the opening notes followed by the pummeling riff set the crowd into a frenzy, including a fan that hopped on stage and did a flip into the crowd.

There were no rules at this show. Luckily if you missed them, Code Orange will be back on a monster of a tour with Anthrax, Killswitch Engage, and The Devil Wears Prada in April.  2017 promises to be a massive year for this band.