Musician Dave Grohl took the stage as the SXSW 2013 keynote speaker today.  He gave an eloquent speech about his passion for music and determination as an artist to become a 'one-man band.'

From the young age of 13, Grohl realized that he could do it all and practiced playing multiple instruments, as well as recording tracks by himself.  His first hero was an older cousin who introduced him to punk rock and the rest is history. 

"I fell in love with music because it could incite a riot, an emotion, start a revolution or save a young boy's life," said Grohl.

He went on to chronicle his path as an artist and state that the 'five words that changed (his) life were: have you ever heard of Nirvana?'

Grohl told a story of a record label A&R asking Kurt Cobain what he wanted and Cobain stated "to be the biggest band in the world."  Grohl laughed because he had though Cobain was joking. 

"How Kurt thought we could make a ripple in a world of polished pop... it made no sense, it was ridiculous," said Grohl.

But after the first album, he soon found out how real that dream was.  Grohl spoke of how broken he was after Cobain's death and how the Foo Fighters was born out of his despair.  He initially created the tracks by playing all the instruments himself and with no intention of being a band.  The music was his healing.

Grohl's overall message to the many musicians in the audience was to find their voice, to not let anyone judge their voice, but that their voice is there to inspire.  He spoke of his two daughters and how he hopes that they too will become someone's musical role models.